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Providing solutions through comprehensive voluntary benefits programs.

Voluntary Benefits Products

Gaps in existing benefits programs can prove to be challenging. When core benefits are scaled back, many employees seek competitive programs to fill in these gaps. We strive to provide solutions to these challenges through comprehensive voluntary benefits programs. Our cost-effective solutions go above and beyond – enhancing the existing core benefits while providing hard-working employees and their families the solid supplemental insurance benefits they need.

Accident Insurance

Accident insurance fills in the coverage gaps between health insurance and unexpected out-of-pocket expenses, copays, and deductibles. These supplemental funds are offered as a way to provide benefits for out-of-network services, emergency room visits, accidental injuries, physical therapy or hospital stays due to an accident. An important option for anyone with an active lifestyle, accident insurance can cover the employee, as well as his/her spouse and children.

Cancer Insurance

As a way to assist families dealing with a cancer diagnosis and the resulting financial hardship, cancer insurance is available to the employee, as well as his/her spouse and children. Cancer insurance provides direct payments to the insured for expenses that are incurred related to treatment, surgery, in-patient hospital stays, and transportation costs. We offer cancer insurance as a supplement when faced with out-of-network expenses, high deductibles and out-of-pocket limits. It’s an immense help for those dealing with the emotional, physical, and financial strain of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness coverage pays a lump-sum cash benefit to help cover the out-of-pocket expenses associated with a critical illness. No one knows what lies ahead on the road through life. Will you be diagnosed with cancer? Will you suffer a stroke, heart attack or the complete loss of hearing? The signs pointing to a critical illness are not always clear and may not be preventable, but critical illness coverage can help offer financial protection in the event you are diagnosed. Critical Illness coverage can help offer peace of mind when a critical illness diagnosis occurs.

Disability Insurance

NES provides disability insurance as a safety net to employees when faced with a covered illness or injury that prevents the employee from working. These policies pay a portion of income to the employee over a specific period of time based on the plan chosen. Income paid out to the employee is tax-free. The disability insurance provides employees with peace of mind should an unexpected illness or injury prevent work for a period of time. Maternity leave is covered under the disability plans.

Life Insurance

NES offers the financial security of term and universal life insurance policies to employees. Life insurance policies are offered through leading carriers and may include long-term care coverage, waiver of premium and living benefits in addition to the traditional death benefits. Coverage varies depending on the plan chosen and can be extended to spouses and children as well, providing added security and peace of mind.

Long-Term Care Insurance

NES offers the supplement of long-term care insurance – invaluable when extended care is needed in a nursing home, assisted living facility, adult day care facility, alzheimer’s center or through in-home care. Varied services are available through long-term care insurance and may be based on cognitive or daily living impairments beyond a predetermined period of time. Often the services available through long term care insurance are not covered by traditional health insurance.

Voluntary Dental and Vision Insurance

Health insurance plans do not always cover the dental and vision needs of an individual or family. We offer cost-effective dental insurance packages through a vast network of participating dentists. Vision plans range from discount cards for in-network vision providers to more comprehensive plans covering full eye exams, lenses and diagnostic tests. Both dental and vision insurance are available to the employee, spouse, and children.

Legal Service Plans

Expenses related to hiring an attorney can add up fast. A variety of legal service plans are available to employees, ranging from lower cost options with access to free consulting with attorneys to more costly prepaid options which include a full suite of legal services. Legal service plans often also include free services related to trusts and wills. Such plans are a great option for employees who would otherwise have no access to an attorney or knowledge of the legal system.

Identity Theft

Identity theft has become increasingly common in the last few decades. Costs related to restoring identity, stolen credit cards, bills and repairing credit can add up quickly. Identity theft protection minimizes the disruption caused to employees’ lives by providing the financial security and the guidance necessary to get through the process of reclaiming their identities.

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