Solutions and Services

Custom solutions made for you and those you serve.

Solutions and Services

Going above and beyond, National Enrollment Services is one of the nation’s premier benefits enrollment sources for the brokerage community. With industry experience that is unparalleled, NES offers custom solutions and enrollment services that provide added value to your existing benefits program as directed by the benefits broker. We guide employers through the complicated jargon and foster a path to communication with your employees. We assist the broker in communicating the benefits solutions and services that best suit employer and employee needs – resulting in a workplace that fosters communication and has the best interest of all in mind.

ACA Support & Compliance

NES specialists help navigate the changing landscape brought upon by the Affordable Care Act.  We help clarify the complex rules related to ACA Full-Time determination plan eligibility for variable and fixed hour populations, IRS Informational Reporting requirements, and mandatory Notice of Coverage Options for employees.  We are committed to working through the complexities associated with health care reform so that all crucial aspects are clearly outlined. Going above and beyond to responsibly educate on all compliance details of ACA regulations.

Benefits Administration Services

The benefits admin team of account managers and consultants handle everything, top to bottom. Committed to providing excellent administration support, customer service, support services, employee education and custom enrollment – we offer a complete benefits experience from start to finish.

Benefits Enrollment

We work closely with benefits brokers and employers to assist in developing the plan that is best suited to each client’s specific needs. Once a plan is created, our enrollment coordinators streamline the paperwork process, guide and facilitate enrollment, answer questions, and resolve any concerns. Consultants are on hand in person, over the phone, and online, going above and beyond to educate employees on all of their options. Our enrollment coordinators continue to provide support even after enrollment, in order to help employees solve challenges as they may arise.

NES Consultants & Enrollment Coordinators are available:

  • One on one – in a location convenient to the business. NES enrollers guide employees through the process in person to provide a full understanding of options until the best possible plan is designed.
  • Online – anytime, anywhere. NES consultants and enrollment coordinators provide the tools for swift, simple and coordinated online enrollment. A convenient, full service, detailed approach to all enrollment.
  • Call Center – NES bilingual consultants are available to answer immediate questions, mitigate concerns, and curate plans that best suit the specific needs of the clients.

Benefits Support & Call Center

NES’s benefits support and call center is available at a moment’s notice, with knowledgeable bilingual consultants ready to answer questions and alleviate concerns. Known for superior customer service, being reliable and available, we go above and beyond:

  • Scheduling benefits appointments
  • Assistance with claims issues
  • Providing benefits booklets and pamphlets
  • Consistent support with confidence, year round

Benefits Verification Statements

We provide benefits verification statements to employees with a clear explanation of chosen benefits. Employees are provided ample time to ask questions in order to fully understand the benefit’s value and depth. Benefits verification statements offer a customized and concise presentation of current benefits offered. Information shared may include (and is not limited to) disability, vision or other health related benefit plans, stock options, retirement funds, tuition reimbursement, sick leave information and much more.

Communication & Guidance

There is no better way to enhance knowledge and make informed decisions than through a one-on-one conversation with a skilled NES benefits counselor. Our specialists customize communication for employees in the language they are most comfortable in. This creates a positive first impression and cultivates a greater awareness and understanding of options, leading to high employee satisfaction and increased productivity. The result – efficiency for both employee and employer.

We also create an atmosphere in which employees spend quality time learning about their options. This gives them the ability to make informed decisions, create primary & fundamental objectives, and feel comfortable asking tough questions while going through varied benefits options. The result? A custom-fit plan catered to their individual needs and benefits to which they are entitled.

Employee Retention

Industry studies show that an employee’s decision whether to continue working for his/her current employer or seek a new job is based on much more than the paycheck alone. Employees are 59% less likely to look for a job with a different organization in the next 12 months when they report high well-being*. What contributes to ‘high well-being’? Voluntary and core benefit packages that attract and retain employees through effective communication and high levels of satisfaction.

NES works with employers in various industries associated with high turnover. Our benefits package emphasizes employee satisfaction and engagement with the process of benefits enrollment, which leads to employee retention, loyalty, higher productivity, and lowered costs for employers.

* Gallup Business Journal


NES is committed to going above and beyond by delivering wellness programs which significantly improve employees’ health and wellness opportunities. Personal behavior impacts an individual’s health – nutrition, stress, fitness, tobacco and alcohol use all play a role. We partner with benefit brokers and employers to present holistic solutions which motivate employees to create and work towards a more healthy lifestyle, to be better consumers of healthcare opportunities and to be more educated on their lifestyle choices.

Our wellness partners will assist in developing and utilizing health risk assessments, health care coaching, nutrition coaching, biometric screenings, and active lifestyle programs. A healthier person makes for a better worker and a happier employee. End results – ongoing personal care, life goals met and workplace satisfaction achieved.

RFP Services

With a successful track record, we assist and partner with benefits brokers in RFP’s. Providing product comparisons, pricing, and implementation models, we at NES understand the value of demonstrating comparisons between product options.


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