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The nation’s leading full service voluntary benefits enrollment firm.

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NES is a full service firm enrolling your employees in voluntary benefits nationwide

Who We Are

We are your trusted source for custom, specialized Voluntary Benefits Solutions and educator of the Earned Income and Work Opportunity Government Tax Credit programs.

What We Do

We pride ourselves on offering a full spectrum of benefits solutions and enrollment services that provide value to employees and simultaneously allow employers to sustain and improve outcomes.

Above and Beyond

We go above and beyond. Creating social change through the influence our programs have on the lives of employees and offering services that would otherwise be unattainable for many.

Our Values

Excellent Service
Helping People

About Us

Since 1979, National Enrollment Services has spearheaded an innovative approach to employee benefits communication and enrollment. Our integration of Government Tax Credits information and Voluntary Employee Benefits offers employers the opportunity to save money while improving the lives of their employees.

Our clients trust us because we are generous with our time. We go the extra mile to offer custom solutions that help employees and employers access valuable tax credits and voluntary benefits that continue to cover employees and their spouses even if they change jobs. After the initial enrollment, employees continue to count on us to access their benefits, file claims, and to interface with large insurance companies so that they can focus on their work and their personal lives.

Based in Chicago, with multilingual representatives across the United States, National Enrollment Services leads the field in offering custom top-notch benefits solutions that reward employees while allowing employers continued business growth.

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