Protecting Your Employees And Your Bottom Line Since 1979

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Protecting your employees and your bottom line since 1979

Continuous Cash

Did you know billions of dollars of tax credits go unclaimed every year? If you employ lower-wage workers, Continuous Cash lets you protect your bottom line with an ongoing source of cash that doesn’t affect how you do business.

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Bonus Benefits

Cut turnover and reward your employees, by helping them recover significant cash from the IRS. Bonus Benefits helps them understand how to claim the tax credits they’ve earned, at no cost to your business.

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Family Net

What if your best employees have unexpected emergencies? At no cost to you, Family Net offers them a menu of benefits that puts money directly into their pockets when they need it most.

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NES Benefits @ Work

The tax credits NES Benefits helped us recover have made a big difference to our bottom line. And when our employees told us they were getting cash back too, we knew we made the right choice!